This week Quartet published their Vital Signs 2017 report which gathered data about mental health issues across Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and gives recommendations for making charitable donations more effective in supporting local groups working to prevent mental health issues arising. You can read it here:

At Young Bristol we understand the impact our work has on the mental health of the Young People we are working with. Our range of programmes offer opportunities to learn new skills, connect with people, take part in physical activities, give back to local communities as well as being in a safe and encouraging environment whilst doing so. These actions are all recommended as part of the ‘Five Ways To Wellbeing‘ advice from the Government Office For Science.

We are pleased that Quartet are highlighting the value in funding preventative positive engagement, especially when the report found ‘1 in 3 adult mental health issues directly relate to difficulty in childhood and the symptoms of 50% of lifelong mental health issues begin by the age of 14.’ The Young Bristol community clubs offer a supportive environment for the local young people to develop confidence and be active in their community. Our recent Creative Wellbeing project at Ashton Vale Youth Club had lots of great feedback –  you can read more about that here:

If you are interested in supporting Young Bristol you can donate directly via our Just Giving Page