This week the head of OFSTED Amanda Spielman warned that schools in England are focusing on tests and exams, rather than giving pupils a good grounding in a wide range of subjects. She is encouraging schools in England to focus less on drilling pupils through past papers and more on widening their knowledge and horizons. These comments bring about much discussion around the curriculum changes that started three years ago with some teachers’ experiencing a need to ‘teach to the test’ due to results directly linking to schools tables. You can read more about Spielman’s comments here:

Teaching to the test gives ‘hollow understanding’

At Young Bristol we also believe in supporting young people through a variety of programmes to encourage wider skills and enjoyment in trying new things. These opportunities can be seen across our existing & future programmes which offer a broad range of activities for young people. By taking a ‘whole person’ approach to our engagement we have been able to raise aspirations and achievements for many Young People across the city like Angela…

Angela is a young adult who started to attend Sea Mills Boys & Girls Club after learning that the club would be running art workshops from Young Bristol’s Creative Programme. Angela can be a quiet individual and has worked past the challenge of bullying in a previous school. The Creative Programme has supported Angela by improving her confidence, both in herself and her creative outputs. It has introduced Angela to new spaces and people which in turn has improved her aspirations and outlook. She has completed her Arts Award Bronze and Silver, meaning that Angela has a nationally recognised qualification in the Arts. Angela is now completing a Traineeship at an Apprenticeship College and undertaking work placements, making her more employable and
helping her step into an adult environment.

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