This year Young Bristol have been developing their 2020 Strategy with support from their Business Partners, Board of Trustees, Staff, Core Insights and the Young People using our services across the City.

Last month at our Annual General Meeting, the 2020 Strategy document was launched along with the Impact Report for 2017. We believe that by evaluating our work we will continue to deliver a high quality service whilst being able to respond to the needs of young people now and in the future. It is not always easy to measure the impact our work has on individual people but we love hearing their stories. One of our volunteers kindly emailed us this week with some words on his experience of Young Bristol.

“I first came into contact with YB in the September of 2016. My son had a difficult time finding direction after college, he joined the ITS course soon after and jumped at the challenge.
It wasn’t long until I saw the change in him.. motivated focused and active… fantastic ! He was quite affected when we were made homeless back in October 2014 and it caused quite a rift in our relationship. He got me involved on a taster course with a local men’s group followed by a gig rowing group … wow.. it changed my life.. so much so by June 2017 I’d started to volunteer with the activities… being out and about doing all sorts of things gave me the break I needed.. my mental health improved.. things started going better for me.. now ive a home and an opportunity and a purpose. Mostly down to the help, compassion and training I’ve received at YB.. I can really say its been a life saver.. thank you.”

You can read the documents here:

2020 Strategy

Young Bristol Impact Report 2017