A team of Young Bristol young people, supporters, staff, parents and families took on the Everest Challenge yesterday and succeeded in achieving enough climbs to reach the equivalent height of Everest.

Starting climbing at 1:00 pm, by 3:00 pm the team had passed base camp and by 5:30 pm had achieved over 900 climbs equating to the 8,848 meters of the mountain. Young People from the Instructor Training Scheme, in particular, got really stuck in some achieving 100 climbs each.

The Young Bristol activities team organised the Everest Challenge with the help of Redpoint Bristol to raise funds for the #YB4YB appeal hoping to provide a mobile youth club – small, cost-effective and able to get to the hard-to-reach areas in the city and rural areas. We just need the support of the people and businesses of Bristol to help us raise the money. You can donate to the appeal here.

Thanks again to Redpoint Bristol for generously donating the space.