Broadplain & Riverside Youth Project received a visit from Sue Mountstevens, the Avon & Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner today to discuss the Positive Changes Programme that has been fully funded by the Commissioner’s Community Action Fund.

The funding has enabled Young Bristol to start the Postive Changes Programme, which supports vulnerable 12 to15-year-olds who are being drawn into anti-social behaviour and crime in Ashton Vale, Hartcliffe and Lawrence Weston. The purpose of the programme is to use early intervention, through sporting and creative activities,  to identify young people at risk before they begin down the wrong path. By supporting challenging young people to deal with conflict in a positive and constructive way, The Positive Changes Programme can help to ensure that they are able to avoid contact with the criminal justice system.

It was brilliant to meet with the Commissioner to discuss the positive impact the Programme has had and will continue to have over the next year and for her to see the alternative learning provision Broadplain & Riverside Youth Project provides on a daily basis.