The Instructor Training Scheme has been featured in the Bristol Post today as one of TSB’s Stories of Local Pride.

The article, which features an interview with Dan, one of the original members of the Instructor Training Scheme and Phil Haris, the programme’s lead highlights the benefits of the scheme. As a general rule, trainees who enrol and attend regular sessions find work within the industry after a year of training and more than 80% of their students go on to further education or employment including working in the outdoor industry.

Dan said:

“I have always been a fan of adrenaline based activities so this was a fantastic opportunity for me that has paid off in a doing a job that I love. This scheme is doing a lot of good for young people across Bristol. “There are some youngsters out there doing not very much at all, and have no hobbies. The fact they can come here and train in a activity and sport can only be a positive.”

You can read the full article here.