Young Bristol’s Instructor Training Scheme has been featured in Bristol24/7 this week, as we are one of 45 local causes set to benefit from Quartet Community Foundation‘s Bristol Giving Day.

Bristol Giving Day will take place on Wednesday 9th October, and aims to raise £45,000 for 45 local organisations. Businesses and members of the public will be undertaking the Bristol Bridge Challenge, donating £1 for each of the city’s 45 bridges crossed.

The article highlights how Young Bristol is making a difference to young people across Bristol, in particular, through our Instructor Training Scheme. The article shares first-hand the impact the programme has had on participants of the programme, featuring the story of one attendee Zara, who has greatly benefited from engaging in the programme since 2017.

Zara says,

The most valuable thing I have gained from my participation with the instructor training scheme, is a great increase in self-confidence and self-belief. I struggled with low self-esteem throughout my teenage years and participating in the scheme has vastly improved this; doing activities that were out of my comfort zone, and achievements I previously thought I was incapable of. All of these new experiences have helped me to determine what I want to do in the future.”

Young Bristol will be based on Temple Bridge for Bristol Giving Day on the 9th October. Wanting to find out how you can get involved and support local causes? Click here.

You can read the full Bristol24/7 article here.