Black Lives Matter

As individuals, youth workers and a charity, we have been listening, reflecting, and learning, so that we can together, improve on how we can better provide support, educate, inform and inspire children and young people in Bristol.

We are committed to taking action and making change, because black lives matter.

Young Bristol will;

  • Encourage open discussions, both with young people and colleagues around equality throughout history and in modern society.
  • Review what resources we have in our Youth Clubs that will promote better understanding.
  • Consider as youth workers and individuals, how our own experiences and education can lead us to form certain views, and our ability to support young people in understanding their experiences.
  • Understand and acknowledge the role that protest and activism has played in the history of equality and how it relates to the lives of young people today.
  • Continue to foster partnerships in Bristol, considering who we can learn from, and what resources and information we can all share to support young people better.
  • Explore how we can better connect with BAME communities and young people. Are there communities that we’re not reaching, or that we could work with to understand better?
  • Read beyond the media we’re comfortable with!

  • Evaluate our diversity as an organisation – does the diversity of our staff and young people using our services reflect the diversity of our city?
  • Have a shared objective of tackling inequality and discrimination, particularly when it affects the lives of young people.
  • Consider the difference between being ‘political’ and advocating fundamental civil rights. We have a responsibility to support equality in all its forms and make it clear that we welcome and support all young people, and understand the specific experiences and needs of young people.
  • Celebrate and commemorate local, national and international events and holidays, to ensure representation from the young people that we work with.

Young Bristol stands with organisations and businesses both locally and nationally, being part of conversations and supporting UK Youth’s #YoungandBlack Campaign.

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