Young Bristol’s Post COVID-19 Build Back Better Report

Young Bristol today released our Build Back Better document, intended to promote a collective discussion as Young Bristol works to fully re-open post the COVID -19 national lockdown.

“While COVID-19 may have had less direct impact on children and young people, the indirect impacts have been deep and substantial. Out of necessity, as a society, we have largely parked our children and young people over the last few months but that can’t continue and we need to recognise the costs of this. Young Bristol adapted its services quickly with a strong online presence and has continued to be there, firefighting and supporting many of the children, young people and families we work with. We now need to make sure what limited resources, financial and otherwise, we have in the city dedicated to children and young people are protected, at a minimum maintained and are freely available and accessible to all. 

Throughout COVID-19 Young Bristol regularly consulted with children and young people, the wider community and the staff and management committee members of its Community Youth Clubs, to ensure we were delivering services that were relevant and required. These conversations have helped develop Young Bristol’s five point action plan for moving forward. Young Bristol will not be able to address all the individual issues and concerns raised on its own, so we now look forward to working with existing and new Partners to help make this plan happen.”

Lee Williams, Chief Executive Young Bristol. 

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