Community Youth Clubs provide vital support during the Easter Half Term!

This month saw Young Bristol’s Holiday Clubs reopen in local communities across the city, providing vital support and opportunities to children and young people during the Easter Half Term.

Young Bristol’s Community Youth Clubs delivered free holiday provision which provided healthy food and enriching activities to young people ages 8 – 12 during the Easter Half Term. The provision, as part of The Department for Education‘s Holiday Activities and Food Programme, aimed to encourage young people to be more active during the school holidays, less socially isolated, eat more healthily, and be more engaged with local services.

The Holiday Clubs were well-received in the community, with new members attending our 4 Community Youth Clubs and parents sharing positive feedback throughout the Half Term.

21 sessions delivered at 4 Community Youth Clubs

266 attendances

266 meals provided

80 young people

80% of young people ages 8 – 12 years old

49% of attendances were new members at Young Bristol

31% of young people receive free school meals

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported our Easter Holiday Club programme, and recognise funders Bristol City Council and The Department for Education.

For more information on Young Bristol’s Holiday Club programmes click here.

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