Celebrating Bristol’s Young Heroes!

Young Bristol were honoured to attend the 2021 Bristol Young Heroes Awards on Friday 1st October at We The Curious. The evening brought together local businesses, youth organisations and families, to celebrate the amazing contribution of young heroes across our city.

The Bristol Young Heroes Awards aim to shine a light on young people ages 11 – 19, who have overcome difficult circumstances, made a difference to the lives of others, or achieved something extraordinary.

Young Bristol would like to congratulate Gabe, our ‘Sporting Hero’ Winner! Gabe was nominated by Outdoor Activity Instructor Lisa for his incredible fearlessness and self-motivation to overcome significant barriers, since joining our Kayak Club in early 2020.

“Joining the club has been transformative for Gabe. He has loved learning the skills involved and socially being part of a regular group of kayakers. His self-esteem and confidence have grown enormously,” says Gabe’s mum.

“Some aspects of kayaking like being out in the dark or going through unfamiliar fast water requires an extra bit of courage for someone who is severely visually impaired. Sporting activities, especially team sports at school can be very trying and demoralising for someone with visual impairment. Kayaking has given him a belief in his sporting abilities.” He is the absolute definition of a Sporting Hero!

We would also like to recognise the Young Bristol Team, finalists for the ‘Team of Heroes’ Award! We are incredibly proud of the Young Bristol Team who continued to provide positive and empowering opportunities throughout a challenging 2020/21, delivering online services, working directly in local communities, and providing valuable resources to support families at home.

Congratulations to all finalists and winners at the 2021 Bristol Young Heroes Awards. We look forward to next years event!

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