Supporting Children’s Mental Health Week at BS14

This week, February 6th – February 10th, Young Bristol are proudly supporting Childrens Mental Health Week. Throughout the week, we are running a variety of activities and workshops in our community youth clubs. 

On Monday, we invited Charlotte from Off The Record to set up some interactive activities at BS14 Stockwood Youth Club. Charlotte had a range of activities for our young people to take part in. This was to help support Children’s Mental Health.

One of the activities she printed for them was colouring. The pages included a range of designs with positive, inspiration messages for the group to colour and display around the club. Colouring is an activity that focuses the mind, helps with mental health and helps practice mindfulness.

Another one of the activities was a game of cup pong. In this activity, young people had to throw a ping pong ball into a cup then answer a questions which made them think about behaviours towards other people. This encouraged young people to use kind and caring behaviour towards other people.

Off The Record also offered young people badges, stickers and other merchandise. Both the young people and staff loved the merchandise they had to offer and used the stickers in their other creative activities.

This week, young people took part in a range of other activities, one of these being bullet journaling. A bullet journal is somewhere that you can record your thoughts and help you support your mental wellbeing. Bullet journaling has been proven in studies to help mental health in all age groups. By offering this activity to young people, we hope to promote taking care of yourself and aiding their wellbeing. This activity can also become very creative, so allowed the group to use their imaginations. It was great to see the young people  creating an outlet to help manage their own mental health.

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