YB’s Summer Holiday Provision – Week 2

Last week was the second week of the Summer Holiday Provision. We saw delivery across 5 of Young Bristol’s Community Youth Clubs and Outdoor Activity Centre., working with new and existing young people, providing them with exciting and enriching opportunities, access to a free meal an the opportunity to build new friendships.

The second week of the Summer holidays saw:

  • 434 contacts with young people
  • 19 sessions across the city.
  • 159 free school meals provided.
  • 5 communities supported.

Key highlights of the week:

Young people at The Grove experienced an amazing growing and cooking workshop, delivered by Alex from 50 Ways To Cook. The session began with young people learning the importance of soil and how they look after plants. Groups planted their own seeds, which they will now look after when attending The Grove. Young people then made ham and cheese toasties for lunch. They were encouraged to add in a mixture of vegetables.

A group of young people from Hartcliffe Club for Young People, travelled to Bristol Harbour to take part in a kayaking and sailboarding session. The group took part in a 6 hour session with All Aboard!

Young Bristol would like to thank our staff team, partner organisations and funders for helping make last week part of the summer of a lifetime. We would also like to thank the Your Holiday Hub Bristol Programme, supported by Bristol City Council and The Department for Education, for supporting our Holiday Clubs at our city-wide Community Youth Club venues.

Find out more about our holiday provision here.

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