SR2’s charitable donation supports Creative and Employment Programmes!

“There are loads of benefits to working with Young Bristol, in terms of business, as well as culture and morale” – Chris Sheard, founder of SR2 Recruitment.

Corporate partnerships are important to Young Bristol and aim to be mutually beneficially to the parties involved; encouraging team building, meeting corporate social responsibility objectives, securing positive PR and supporting corporates to reach new audiences. Our partnerships aim to ensure shared value and impact.

Local business SR2 (Socially Responsible Recruitment) winners of ‘Best New Agency’ at the Recruiter Awards 2020, are a recruitment company founded in 2017 in Bristol, specialising in IT and Engineering recruitment. It is important to SR2 as a business to be socially responsible, contributing to society by prioritising people and giving back to the local community. And so during 2020-21, the company chose Young Bristol to be one of two of SR2’s Charity of the Years. At SR2 it is core to the business to not only support charities and make a difference financially, but to also ensure that there is staff involvement during the partnership, and that the charity they support is in line with their corporate beliefs.

Young Bristol has been on SR2’s radar because of its great reputation and being in the press as an award winning charity”, said Chris, owner of SR2. SR2’s process of selecting a charity partner is always through staff recommendations, ensuring that the team feel connected to the cause they are helping. The ethos of Young Bristol really stood out to SR2 as a children’s charity that is driven in creating opportunities, and being active in helping young people find their potential.

The proactive and outdoor approach of Young Bristol is also very much in-line with the interests of SR2, as staff can go out and volunteer in the community, which is great in ensuring staff from SR2 can see the difference that their support is having. It is very important to SR2 “to not just write a cheque”, but to be as involved as possible in the charity; and Young Bristol provides multiple opportunities to do so, which results in “ a definite increase in staff engagement”, adds Chris.

During 2020, SR2 donated over £8,300 to Young Bristol, as well as six members of their team getting involved in Young Bristol’s fundraising event, raising an additional £600! Events like the Road to River Duathlon have been a great way for staff to volunteer and get involved with the charity, so early on in the partnership.

2021 saw the partnership continue, with SR2 planning to engage with further volunteering opportunities to benefit the local community such as workshops to improve CV writing and employability skills, as well as taking part in a recent fundraising challenge which saw their team cycle virtually from Bristol to Berlin… and back.

SR2 this week surprised the Young Bristol team, donating £41,716.38 to Young Bristol and Jessie May Trust. This outstanding charitable donation will support Young Bristol’s Outdoor Employment Programme and Creative Programme, developing confidence and allowing a safe space for expressive working, and providing young people with new skills, unique opportunities and a direct pathway into employment. 

SR2’s partnership with Young Bristol continues to have a positive impact, with Chris adding, “Our partnership with Young Bristol feels like a good fit for us and even in the current climate, is a partnership that can grow”. Thank you SR2!

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