The Grove host NatWest Thrive awards with Marcus Rashford

On Monday 7th November, The Grove @ Bedminster Down Youth Club hosted the NatWest Thrive Awards Graduation, joining 8 other clubs who took part in the programme.

What a great start to Youth Work Week 2022! The Grove were able to attract over 20 young people and adults to the graduation, celebrating all the skills that had been learnt across the course of the programme and the amazing things that young people had achieved!

The Graduation was hosted by Luke Vernon, who took care of the 9 nine clubs throughout the evening on Zoom. All of the clubs attending were able to introduce themselves and meet new people from across the country. Each club then discussed what impact the Thrive programme has had with their young people and why it was so important to their club.  The introductions were followed by a game of “famous failures”. Tensions and excitement were high between all the groups, hoping that they would be the first one to answer the questions correctly.

It was later announced that there would be a special guest joining the Zoom call. There was a buzz of excitement in the room, with everyone trying to guess who the special guest would be.

The group all managed to guess that the special guest was Marcus Rashford! He was able to join the Zoom call for an hour and announce the award winners from each club. Congratulations to Max from The Grove who was Young Bristol’s award winner. After announcing the awards, each winner was able to speak to Marcus Rashford and ask him a question each!

We would like to thank Marcus Rashford and NatWest Thrive for teaching young people about money management. We would also like to thank the NYA for supporting this programme and making the sessions possible. It is great to see all the skills that young people have learnt over the course of the programme!

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