Young Bristol host Youth Club Networking day!

This week at Ashton Vale Club for Young People, staff from across the youth club network came together and took part in team building activities.

The evening started off with a game of staff bingo. This was an activity for the group to walk around, talk to new people and get to know facts about each other. The group used the bingo grid to ask staff questions such as “do you have a cat?”, “do you have a sibling?” and even “can you hula-hoop?”. A great ice-breaker to start the evening! We had two groups win this activity, BS14 Stockwood Youth Club and Hartcliffe Club for Young People.

The group then gathered into smaller groups. In these groups, staff discussed what is going well at their clubs, and what they think could be improved. They wrote this on an A3 sheet of paper, separating it to discuss each person’s club. The small groups proceeded to share their discussion with the whole group. There was even some cross-group discussion, some agreeing with points made and others arguing against ideas. It was great to see healthy debates among the groups.

The evening finished by asking the groups to think independently, what events the youth clubs and young people would like to see across the club network. The group came up with some amazing ideas and even talked about how they could host these ideas next year. We are excited to see some new inter-club competitions and events next year!

To find out more about our community  youth clubs, click here.

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