Avon host interclub football tournament!

This February half term, Young Bristol have offered a wide range of activities for all young people to take part in. From sporting to creative activities, we’ve had something for everyone!


This week, Avon Youth Club hosted an Interclub football tournament. We had senior and junior teams from across our club network that joined up to compete in the tournament. The day brought together young people from Avon Youth Club, BS14 Stockwood Youth Club, Hartcliffe Club for Young People, Sea Mills Boys and Girls Club and The Grove @ Bedminster Down.

We started the morning by getting everyone together, in their teams, into the sports hall. Some of these teams were a hybrid of two or more youth clubs, allowing young people from different areas to meet and make new friends. They began the morning by creating team names for themselves. This was a great way for them to get creative and we had some very imaginative and humourous names!

The Interclub football tournament then began with the 9 teams playing each other in a round robin format. Each game had a large group of supporters cheering them on from the sideline. While the teams were playing, Avon Youth Club had a range of activities for the young people to do while they waited their turn. They seemed to most enjoy playing pool and basketball.

After a long day of playing football, we brought everyone together to announce our finalists. Hartcliffe’s Junior and Senior team, The Grove and a hybrid team from Avon and BS14 made it through to the final four of the Interclub football tournament. One of these semi-final matches resulted to a penalty shoot-out! Tensions were high, with some amazing saves from our goal keepers and some great shots from the young people.


Hartcliffe’s Senior team and The Grove both won their semi-final games and went on to play the finals. This was a very tense game but resulted in Hartcliffe Seniors winning our 2023 Interclub football tournament.

After the final game was over, we went on to the presentation. The referee awarded our winners with medals and a trophy. We also awarded young people with medals for showing good sportsmanship. One player from each team was nominated by their club leader.

Well done to all of our young people for taking part. It was great to see them interact with young people from different clubs and making new friends.

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