Update: Refurbishment at Ashton Vale Club!

As part of Young Bristol’s 2022-25 Strategic Priorities, the charity will be focusing on investing in our infrastructure and resources to give young people and their communities an environment they can thrive in. “Our Buildings & Facilities” is one of Young Bristol’s 5 Strategic Priorities for the upcoming years.

Over the last few months, we have unfortunately had to close Ashton Vale Club for Young People’s doors. However, the whole club is being refurbished, in order to improve our facilities for young people, giving them a safe space to reach their full potential.


Week 1 – 2

The first week of refurbishing at Ashton Vale, we met with all of the businesses that would be re-developing the site. It was great to talk to them and set out a rough time scale, to see how long this project would take.

The weeks saw the teams removing all tarnished and broken equipment: fencing, boarding and other general waste. After the group had finished for the week, the club already was starting to look very different!

Throughout the first 2 week, the groups also did some general maintenance to the club. It made the site much cleaner and improved the aesthetics of the club.

Week 3

The week started with Masters Facilities drilling drainage into the football court. This has now made the court more useable during adverse weather conditions. This has now prepared the court, ready for new tarmac to be put over the top!

Olas Art started the graffiti project on the back of our club. Unfortunately, he has had to tackle some unexpected weather conditions, but successfully made a good start to the project. The graffiti will overlook the football court and can be seen from close by, surrounding areas behind the club!

LeggWork Volunteer Day – Week 3

During the 4th week of refurbishing, LeggWork kindly volunteered to help redecorate the internal rooms at Ashton Vale. The team gave the kitchen and corridor outside the Silver Social room a fresh coating of paint. LeggWork were also able to help with general maintenance around the club. As the club has been closed since December, there was out of date food and waste that needed sorting and throwing away. All of the cupboards were then cleaned and reorganised, ready for the club to re-open soon1

We are excited to see the club finished and re-open our doors for young people!

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