Amazon Web Services Volunteer at BS14!

As part of Young Bristol’s 2022-25 Strategic Priorities, the charity will be focusing on developing long-term partnerships. Developing our partnerships allows Young Bristol to strengthen services and influence, which allows young people to thrive across our youth provision.

We were thrilled to welcome the team from Amazon Web Services as they volunteered their time at BS14 Stockwood Youth Club this week. The team worked hard to further develop our gym room, sports cupboard and wellbeing garden.

BS14’s sports cupboard is a well-loved room at the club, storing all of our sports equipment that young people enjoy using. The group were tasked with building new shelving units as well as making it more accessible and easier to navigate. This room now is well organised and equipment is easier to find.

Our wellbeing garden is a new addition to BS14. We tasked the team with painting the fences and raking the ground, so seeds could be sown. It was great to see them add the final touches, ready for the local community to enjoy.

In recent months, the gym room at BS14 has been the biggest transformation at the club. This was a room at the club young people and staff rarely used. The group at Amazon Web Services cleaned all of our gym equipment, and made the final touches. We now can use the gym for supervised activities. This gym room can be a real vital asset to the club, helping both young people and staff maintain good physical and mental health.

“We had such an enjoyable day supporting the team at the BS14 Youth Club and we are so happy with everything we achieved together. Young Bristol provide extremely valuable support to some of the most vulnerable young people in Bristol and the surrounding areas – this has been a great opportunity for local Amazon Web Services employees to get together and give something back to our community.”

Thank you, Amazon Web Services, for your amazing support this week! It’s great to work with corporate organisations to improve our facilities across our network. We would also like to thank the group for their kind donation. This donation will go towards helping young people to thrive in our youth clubs.

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