Young Bristol host Interclub Silent Disco!

As part of our 2022-25 strategic priorties, Young Bristol is focussing on delivering high quality, open-access Programmes and Youth Work to young people.

After a busy half term, we finished the week off with a Silent Disco. We saw young people from across our club network to enjoy the day packed full of different activities!

First activity of the day was a general disco! Both young people and staff gathered in the sports hall to show off their best moves. We even had some keen DJ’s selecting the music.

After warming up, it was then time to play a game of musical statues! We saw some enthusiastic dancers in the group, freezing in some amazing poses. A small prize was given to the winner for their efforts.

The group then decided to come together and do some classic party dances! From the Macarena to Cha Cha Slide, it was great to see both young people and staff dancing along.

This fun-filled day finished with a large game of dodgeball. Staff played against young people in some very tense matches. The clear winners of both matches were the young people, demonstrating the amazing sports skills they learn across our club network.

It was great to see everyone enjoying such a different activity. Thank you both staff and young people for making this another amazing Interclub event! The Silent Disco is a great activity for everyone to remember.

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