Core3 volunteer at Ashton Vale!

As part of Young Bristol’s 2022-25 Strategic Priorities, the charity will be focusing on developing long-term partnerships. Developing our partnerships allows Young Bristol to strengthen services and influence, which allows young people to thrive across our youth provision.

We were excited to welcome the team from Core3 as they volunteered their time at Ashton Vale Club for Young People this week.  The team worked hard to help us build new storage spaces, and make our outside space a safer environment for young people.

The afternoon started with the group building storage shelves, which were used to make our upstairs room more tidy and easier to navigate. Previously, this space was unused as it was messy and had no place to store items.

The group then litter picked around our new football court. This made our court and outdoor area a cleaner and safer space for young people to use. It was great to see them working collaborate while enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you Core3 for your amazing support this week! It’s great to work with corporate organisations to improve our facilities across our network.

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