Ashton Vale winner Alicia

Ashton Vale’s Natwest Thrive Graduation with Marcus Rashford!

Last week, Ashton Vale Club for Young People joined a number of different youth clubs to take part in the final session of NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford!

Our first group of young people from Ashton Vale Club for Young People have graduated from the NatWest Thrive programme with Marcus Rashford! This amazing programme has helped young people think about their goals, learn new life skills and develop valuable money habits.

We heard some inspiring words for Luke Vernon, who hosted the NatWest Thrive graduation. He recognised young peoples achievements across the programme, and the group enjoyed virtually interacting across a Zoom call.

The group at Ashton Vale won a signed book after finding the most things around their club starting with the letter “t”. They were able to collect 15 items in order to win the prize!

To make it a night to remember, our young people had a pizza party to celebrate in style! All graduates received a backpack filled with exclusive NatWest Thrive goodies in recognition of their achievements and dedication to the programme.

This was a night to remember for Alicia as she won a Natwest Thrive award. Alicia was nominated as she has evidently progressed from when she started the programme. She initially began the prorgramme with very low confidence with money habits, clearly shown in her survey.  By the end of the programme, she was more confident in her future financial decisions and where to get advice!

Thank you to NatWest, NYA and Marcus Rashford for hosting the NatWest Thrive programme. This has helped our young people build self-belief and money knowhow, so they feel confident to reach for their dreams!

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