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Young Bristol is a youth-driven charity that works to offer a choice of opportunities and experiences for all young people.

Founded in 1928, Young Bristol has evolved into one of Bristol’s leading youth charities, providing critical out-of-school services for young people of 8 – 25 years in communities across the city.

Today we are recognised as Bristol’s leading provider of community-based youth services, through our community youth club network based in some of Bristol’s most challenging communities, and a valued provider of outdoor activities, mobile youth services, creative arts, outdoor employment, and informal educational programmes for young people.

At Young Bristol, we believe that every young person has the right to discover what they’re capable of; helping young people to aspire to be confident, healthy, resilient, responsible and successful. 

Our recognitions

Our 2022 - 25 strategic priorities

Young Bristol consulted with children and young people, their supporters, national bodies and stakeholders, together with the wider community during 2021, to explore how it can improve its services for young people, aligning with national and city-wide youth service strategies. The charity launched the Strategy in 2022, and continues to deliver against the identified 5 Key Strategic Priorities, ensuring Young Bristol continues to play a leading and expanding role within Bristol’s Voluntary Sector. 

You can view our ‘Our Strategic Priorities 2022 – 25 ‘ here.

Our impact in 2020 - 21

In 2020-21, Young Bristol were proud to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of young people;

  • 2,025 young people supported by our programmes during COVID-19
  • 20,492 reached on 69 interactive videos on social media
  • 629 face-to-face and online sessions delivered
  • 56 qualifications awarded by young people ages 8 – 25
  • 16 communities supported across Bristol and the surrounding areas
  • 4 new communities received youth provision during 2020 – 21
  • The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service was awarded to Young Bristol, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK

You can view Young Bristol’s 2020-21 Impact Report here. 

Young people smiling at Community Youth Clubs

Community Youth Clubs

Young people taking part in graffiti session

Creative Programme

Holiday Clubs

Kayak Club

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Employment Programme

Supporting the Wider Community

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The Respect Project

Training Courses for Young People

Youth Club on Wheels

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Youth Voice