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SUEZ volunteer at BS14!

As part of Young Bristol’s 2022-25 Strategic Priorities, the charity will be focusing on developing long-term partnerships. Developing our partnerships allows Young Bristol to strengthen services and influence, which allows young people to thrive across our youth provision.

We were thrilled to welcome the team from SUEZ, who volunteered at BS14 Youth Club to help with outdoor maintenance.

Our Youth Club On Wheels currently lives in the car park of BS14 Youth Club. As the trees down the lane have continued to grow, the mobile struggles to drive down the lane without being scratched and damaged. The overgrown bushes and trees were in desperate need of trimming, so our mobile would not become more damaged.

SUEZ kindly volunteered their time to help us with this task. The group brought lots of equipment such as bins, shears and other electronics to help cut back all of the overgrowth.

With the team bringing all of this equipment and providing a method to dispose of any waste, the group have managed to save us a significant amount of money thanks to their voluntary efforts. The team have gone above and beyond to make our outdoor space look amazing as well as making it safe for vehicles.

Thank you to the team at SUEZ for your amazing support. It has been great to work with corporate organisations to help improve our facilities for young people and the wider community.

Find out more about volunteering for Young Bristol  here.

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