Burges Salmon volunteer at BS14!

As part of Young Bristol’s 2022-25 Strategic Priorities, the charity will be focusing on developing long-term partnerships. Developing our partnerships allows Young Bristol to strengthen services and influence, which allows young people to thrive across our youth provision.

We were thrilled to welcome the team from Burges Salmon to BS14 Youth Club, where the team of 24 took part in a voluntary day! The team helped us with a number of different activities inside and outside the club.

As we have been upgrading our equipment for young people, the clubs sports and cleaning cupboards have become increasingly disorganised. In addition to this, our football court and surrounding green spaces urgently needed some work as lots of unwanted dead plants were growing over the court.

Burges Salmon kindly got stuck in with the tasks, and made an outstanding impact to the club by the end of the day. Both our cleaning and sports cupboards are well organised and easily accessible. BS14’s football court looks well maintained thanks to the teams had work!

Thank you to the team from Burges Salmon for all their voluntary efforts this week!

To find out more about volunteering opportunities, click here.

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